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How to Change Wifi Name

Go through following and change Wi -Fi name accordingly!

Having Wi -Fi installed at your place and you need to change Wifi name and you need to know the steps through which you can change the wi -fi name, then, all you need to do is go through following:

Open your browser.

In the address bar of the browser, you need to type Home or IP address of the wifi.

Click on Wireless.

If you need to change the network name (SSID) all you need to do is delete the current SSID. You can find default SSID on the wifi manual or on the base of wifi modem.

After deleting the current SSID, you need to enter a new network name .

Click on Save.

Once you have changed the wifi name, note it down somewhere for future reference.

Now, if you feel there is also requirement of wifi password reset, then you can do it following way:

Before going for password reset of wifi, you need to disconnect all the devices that are connected to the wifi modem and once the password has been changed, you need to reconnect the devices using new password.  

Ensure that you have internet connectivity i.e. you are connected to your modem over internet.

Open the web browser.

Type the IP address in the address bar of your browser.

Press Enter.

Click on Change Wireless Password.

In this step, you need to enter default username and password in lowercase.

Enter the new network key.

Click on Apply.

Clicking on Apply saves new settings.

Now, you need to connect the devices using new wireless password otherwise it does not get connected.

You can also reset the password back to default, this is useful when you have forgot current password or due to any other reason you need to do wifi password reset, so whatever be the reason, the convenience is that you can set it to default password in following ways:

Disconnect all wireless devices before resetting the password to default.

Press and hold Reset for at least five seconds on the hub.

Holding the reset button resets the password to default one.

Now, reconnect wireless devices using default password.

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